Qlik Sense Feedback Form - Part 2 of 3

Embedding the input form into Sense.

I have divided Part 2 in 4 steps.

  • Step 1  - Database Setup
  • Step 2 - Form creation
  • Step 3 - Create a Sense Widget
  • Step 4 - Paste your Widget in your Sense App

Step 1 - Database Setup:

First you need to create an account at Airtable.com

This is easy and free. Just go to the Airtable Site and find the "Sign up" link.

Once you have created your account, I advice you to view some of the training videos to get a overview of the product.

After this, you are ready to create your database that will store data from your Sens apps.

From the main page after you login, you will find the icon "New Base"


You will get a question if you want to start with a template, import from spread sheet or start from scratch. Choose start from scratch!

Then you are asked to name your base. This will be a database only for Qlik Sense inputs, so lets name it QlikSenseInput!

Now the database is created and we can click on it to open up the interface to create tables and fields.


Here is what an empty database looks like. You are in what is called "Grid View". As you can see it is not completely empty. It contains a table called "Table 1" which has 3 fields: Name, Notes and Attachments.

Just click "Table 1" and choose "Rename Table". I name the table "QlikSenseFeedback".

My feedback form in Sense will have three fields: RowID, Grade and Comment. So my table need to have three columns. The first column is the primary key, and it should be a numeric auto generated number.

Click on the Name field and set up the field like this and click Save.

Now click on the + sign on the right from the column "Attachments" to create two new fields:

The two fields "Notes" and "Attachment" will not be needed in our app, so lets remove them. Click on them  one by one and choose "Delete field".

Now the database is all setup, but for test purposes we should fill it with some data for a start. Just do like you do in Excel...

This is how it should look by now:

We are now ready for the next step (click Next).