Flexible Class Function in Qlik Sense

Here is an example of using the class() function in Qlik Sense to create a user interval changeable Qlik Sense Chart.

The Class() function is used to create an ad hoc interval. See more about the Class() function on this video.

The task is to create a Qlik Sense sheet where the app user can change the second parameter of the class() function.

Variables and Qlik Sense still are not fully as functional in Qlik Sense as they are in QLIKVIEW, but it is still possible to solve this without using extensions in Sense, so it will work for Cloud apps.


Here is the script code needed (assuming you already have the data for where the interval is to be applied):

  Set vIntervall = '=min(Value)';

Adjust the different interval steps above the user should be able to select between.


Add the field IntervallValue as a FilterPane in your Sense App.

Use this Dimension in your chart or table:


Now your dimension will be segmented as the minimum value of the selections made by the user in the field IntervallValue.

Here is a example zipped qvf.

Good Luck!